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Principal's January Message

January 11, 2018


Dear Los Cerros Families,


Welcome to the Second Semester! I hope everyone had a restful and joyous winter vacation. It has been great to see everyone back these last couple of days. I have heard some great stories from family vacations to staying home and resting. This semester will go by very fast, especially the month of January. We have a three-day school week next week and a minimum day the following week. Please check the calendar and note the minimum days this semester.


In September, I sent home the updated district Cell Phone policy. Students have been much better since then regarding cell phone usage at school, however, we have seen and heard about students using social media, texting parents or friends, or playing games throughout the school day. Los Cerros staff discussed with students today that cell phones are to only be used with teacher approval for academic reasons. Phones will be taken for parent pick up if a student has it out, using it inappropriately or without permission. Should you need to reach your student, please contact the office or wait until the school day is over. We will be taking this very seriously and appreciate your support. Also, this is a great time for you to monitor and check in with your student regarding appropriate use of the cell phone, including language being written to peers, applications (SnapChat) and how they are being used, and what pictures or videos are being taken. I am asking for your help by talking to your student(s) regarding the use of cell phones on campus and how they can be a distraction for many students when not used appropriately for school.


The weather has turned and I would like to remind families of some of the safety tips around campus. First, students should always walk between classes and to lunch. Second, remind your students to be aware of puddles and use caution when opening doors. Also, for parents, when dropping or picking students up, please stay out of the bus lanes 10-15 minutes before school and up to 10 minutes after school. The bus lane consists of the curb from the trash area all the way to the bike rack.


Students will be participating in the Interim Assessments throughout the spring semester. The Interim Assessments will help students see and understand the CAASPP questions, provide valuable feedback to teachers about where our students are with curriculum and help guide our instruction through the end of the school year. We look forward to continued improvement and success on CAASPP. Our new school report card can be seen through the California Dashboard. You can visit the Dashboard by going to and type in Los Cerros. Students and Faculty have worked very hard the last few years giving Los Cerros significant gains in scores.


Lastly, Student Homework Requests (3 days absent/yellow sheets of paper) will no longer be available – effective immediately. We have seen a large increase in these requests, in which teachers put together packets, never to be picked up, returned and work continues to be incomplete or missing. In assessing this procedure, I realized we already have great systems in place. If a student is absent, they should refer to their teacher’s absent procedure (Google Classroom, School Loop Calendar/Locker, file folder of handouts in the classroom when they return) and/or email their teacher on School Loop to receive any work. When a student has an excused absence, they are given 1 day per 1 day missed to turn in any work. We appreciate your support in helping your student with a quick turnaround of classwork or homework as it is very important. I would like to leave you with this statement regarding absences; Students miss at least one concept per day when they are absent. We want our students on campus, learning, collaborating and engaging in the rich curriculum. We appreciate you keeping your student(s) on campus for the length of the school day, everyday, unless of course they are really sick.




What’s Happening Around Campus


6th grade Science:

We are currently working on answering the question, "What Causes Weather?" by studying water, humidity, wind, air pressure, and temperature.  Students are completing various labs and activities to help investigate this topic and will finish the unit making their own weather forecasts with a weather map, symbols, newscast, and an extended outlook of the weather.  We will also be looking at some unique weather phenomena, by learning more about El Nino and La Nina weather patterns with the help of our librarian, Ms. Carter.


7th grade Science:

Students are continuing their introduction to Chemistry through a number of activities designed to familiarize them with the periodic table. Through songs, games and diagrams, students are learning about atoms and subatomic particles. Later in the quarter, we will start a series of experiments so that students can explore different types of chemical reactions, and determine why they happen.


Core 6:

Sixth grade continues to take practice CAASPP Tests. We are wrapping up Egypt by taking a trip down the Nile on a Felucca. Students are reading core literature novels that link to Ancient Egypt. 


Core 8:

Students have wrapped up reading The Outsiders and writing their argumentative essays to raise awareness about an issue that teens face today. We are heading into a new reading unit, beginning with an overview of literary genres. Throughout the rest of the unit, students will be using The Outsiders as a mentor text as they learn and practice strategies and skills to better understand the characters in the book they have chosen with their reading partner. In U.S. History, students are learning about the creation of American government, including the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. To better understand the development of our government, students making connections to ideas/events from the previous unit on the American Revolution to determine the reasons for decisions made by the Founding Fathers when creating the Constitution & Bill of Rights. The unit is accompanied by an on-going project, in which students are using a storyboard to creatively explain & describe the founding of our country. 



Counseling, along with Lauren Brown from the Town of Danville, will be presenting 2nd digital citizenship lesson of the year to 8th grade next week and 7th grade in February. For more information on the lessons please visit the Digital Citizenship link under the counseling tab on the LC homepage. 






Evan Powell


Los Cerros Middle School

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