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California Junior Scholarship Federation

Please see web page for details.  http://www.lcms.srvusd.net/CJSF

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The purpose of CJSF is to foster high standards of scholarship, service and citizenship on the part of California students in grades seven and eight.


Students must apply each semester, and acceptance is granted according to the previous semester’s grades.  Applications must include a copy of the preceding semester transcript and a membership check (LCMS CJSF) for $10.00.  Each student will receive a membership card each semester.


Seventh graders may apply for the first time during the second semester.  If a student is a member for three consecutive semesters, he or she qualifies for HONORS membership during the spring of 8th grad.  Each honor student will receive a gold seal on his/her diploma, a gold pin, as well as the honor of wearing a medallion during the graduation ceremonies.  There will be an HONORS LUNCHEON in May.


Two school and one community hours of service is required each semester.  Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month unless otherwise announced.  The meetings will be held during eighth grade lunch the first semester and then after school the second semester, so as to accommodate the 7th graders. Informational flyers and due dates will be announced during the regular meetings.


CSF (California Scholarship Federation) is the high school affiliate.  We encourage all students to apply for membership in high school.


One service project and two field trips are scheduled for each school year.  In December, the CJSF go to the Embarcadero Ice Rink for a day of skating and lunch.  In the spring, the CJSF members enjoy a field trip to Discovery Kingdom.  Dates and permissions slips will be distributed at the CJSF meetings.


Membership point requirements:

English, History, Math, Science and Foreign Language receive points.  A = 3 points.   B = 1 point.   If you are taking a foreign language, 10 points are required, if not 8 points are requires.


High school math classes (Geometry or Algebra 2) in middle school earn 1 extra point for an A or a B.

cjsf skating.jpg


Please print out transcripts from Parent Portal (not school loop) to attach to applications.  Applications are available from CJSF coordinators Sue O'Reilly (rm 1) and Mariko Klopstock (gym).